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Your Struggle Doesn't Define Your Ministry

I mean no disrespect, but this will save somebody's life...

Not every testimony, tragic survival or childhood nightmare merits a public ministry. "Going through" doesn't automatically mean you are called or anointed to lead or direct others. In fact, God wants you to be GREATER than your testimony or your story. Why relegate your level of influence and power only to the issues you've had in life? If you carry yourself as if that's the definition of you, don't be mad when people treat you like your past. Some stories really should be left there... in the past!

There is a major deception in the church. Ministry is about SERVICE and the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST. Our testimonies can NEVER replace that though they may enhance it IF we only share what and when we are led by God. Even in that, a testimony is the telling of how you've come to know the Father, through Jesus Christ. So many misunderstand that. It's not about rehashing every tragedy hoping that others will see you as a hero.

Please, protect yourself. You haven't overcome if you're dependent upon your past to make a path for you, and not everyone who pushes you to expose all your business respects you for it. Selah.

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