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Stop Worshiping the "church"... REPENT and Become Part of the TRUE "Church"

This morning, immediately after opening my eyes, God began to speak to me about the current state of this world, and the Church, the Body of Messiah. He showed me the "escape" He has created through the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Many did not see or heed the previous exposures He allowed, and this worldwide "shut down" was an opportunity for the truly called of God to seek His face, hear His voice, and do His will without man-made restriction. There was so much that He showed me. But in doing so, Yah reminded me of a word He gave me to release to the Body of Christ way back in 2006. The following is a repost of that message.

Once you've read the text, please take a moment to listen to this song and meditate on the lyrics:


God is speaking to the Body of Christ, the Church, about those who are being deceived in the church (the political and social, physical gathering of people claiming to be part of God's family). Too many so-called Christians are worshiping the church rather than worshiping the Father. Too many are wasting their lives away in fellowship, but on their way to hell for lack of relationship with the Heavenly Father. Yes, even in your own congregation, there are many who are playing the part, yet have never tapped into true salvation. They are serving the idol called "church" and are on their way to judgement full of "church service" and good works.

All of us must examine ourselves. We must get naked before the Father. Going to "church" has never saved a soul. Going to "church" has never made one a member of the Church (the true Body of Christ). Those who are called and appointed in this hour must stop regarding everyone as a sister or brother just because they attend the same congregation. Where is their fruit? Where is YOUR fruit?

We must examine ourselves. Too many are shouting in church... preaching sermons... prophelying... praying... laying on hands. Yet there is NO PRIVATE RELATIONSHIP WITH THE FATHER. How many of us "hear" God on Sundays and Wednesday nights, yet NEVER hear from Him in private? Check yourself. You are worshiping an idol. You are following an ideology, rather than God. Many of you have even been called and appointed by a false god. Your pastor, leader, congregation and denomination cannot ordain, appoint, quicken, activate anything that God has not first called forth and ordained.

Heed this warning. If you are walking in an office or a calling that was labelled and planted on you by your "church," yet you have never heard GOD appoint the thing, repent and drop it now. You have been set upon an altar of idolatry! You are in violation of the Father, and you are ministering in sin. You are calling on Jesus, prophesying in His name, proclaiming His word, all for Him to say He does not know you! You are a false teacher and prophet. REPENT, and sit down until you get a Word from the Father.

This is why God is exposing those in the congregations we serve. Too many are being worshiped in His place, and we serve a jealous God. How dare we serve a man, just because he is an elder or a pastor, yet forsake Jehovah himself. We deny God in His own name! "Apostasy and sin" is what we have presented to the Father, and we dare to call ourselves the Body of Christ. Again, where is the fruit?

Apostles, how many churches will you set up without order? Prophets, how dare you prophesy prosperity rather than judgment when the people are in sin? Evangelists, where are the converted souls? Teachers, why isn't the Word being taught as GOD said it? Pastors, why are your sheep acting like goats? INIQUITY!

When will the REAL SAINTS of God stand up? We must stop allowing impostors to run God's house! Yes, God is saying that the REAL SAINTS are enabling the perpetrators. We "Amen" their mess! We finance their idolatrous kingdoms. We have surrendered God's house to idols and idolaters, and we are allowing them to shut our mouths. They tell us we are "out of order," but God's is asking "Who's order?" Let God be true and every man a liar!

God will restore the true saints of God. A separation is coming forth. The "elect" is being sanctified, separated for this hour. On which side will YOU stand? Are you a priest or an impostor? Think on these things...

Ezek 44:7 You have brought into My sanctuary aliens, uncircumcised in heart and uncircumcised in flesh, to be in My sanctuary to pollute {and} profane it, even My house, when you offer My bread, the fat and the blood; and through it all {and} in addition to all your abominations, they {and} you have broken My covenant.

Ezek 44:8 And you have not kept charge of My holy things, but you have chosen foreign keepers to please yourselves and have set them in charge of My sanctuary.

Ezek 44:9 Therefore thus says the Lord God: No foreigner uncircumcised in heart and flesh shall enter into My sanctuary [where no one but the priests might enter], of any foreigners who are among the children of Israel.

Ezek 44:10 But the Levites who went far away from Me when Israel went astray, who went astray from Me after their idols, they shall bear [the punishment for] their iniquity {and} guilt.

Ezek 44:11 They shall minister in My sanctuary, having oversight as guards at the gates of the temple and ministering in the temple. They shall slay the burnt offering and the sacrifice for the people, and they shall attend the people to serve them.

Ezek 44:12 Because [the priests] ministered to [the people] before their idols and became a stumbling block of iniquity {and} guilt to the house of Israel, therefore I have lifted up My hand {and} have sworn against them, says the Lord God, that they shall bear the punishment for their iniquity {and} guilt.

Ezek 44:13 And they shall not come near to Me to do the office of a priest to Me, nor come near to any of My holy things that are most sacred; but they shall bear their shame {and} their punishment for the abominations which they have committed.

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