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Let People GROW UP and MOVE ON!


So many leaders in the “church” have a problem with letting people grow up and move out! This should NOT be the case. Ministry is all about discipleship and multiplication. We, as leaders, are called to disciple and release that others may do the same.

When I was in the first grade, I had a wonderful relationship with my first-grade teacher. I was one of her favorites. I adored this teacher. She taught me so much, and I was determined to make her proud. At some point, though, that year ended. I was promoted to the second grade. And guess what she did… She celebrated with me!!! She let me move on without bitterness. She allowed me to meet other teachers and learn from them as I’d learned from her. She didn’t make it her business to correct my second-grade homework, because I had a new teacher for that.

When I graduated from elementary school altogether, she wished me well in middle school. In fact, she celebrated every accomplishment she was aware of, even until I went to college. She didn’t get jealous. She didn’t write my new teachers to tell them I wasn’t ready. She didn’t get bitter when I didn’t mention her name or brag about how I would have never made it without the foundation she provided. I didn’t have to call her my “scholarly mom.” She did her job, and was confident enough in what she's invested to let me grow and move on.

Get the point?! If a first-grade teacher can master the concept, why can’t we?


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