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Counseling through Tragedy

Kingdom people, understand the need to allow others opportunity for the process of mourning without allowing them to stay there. We must show compassion while also refusing to abandon or accept defeat.

This is one of the greatest divides labeled as "church hurt." When people are hurting the worst things we can do are:

  • Refuse them the opportunity to process that hurt; or

  • Allow them to stay in the hurt too long.

I am well aware that I've lost a few "followers" over this very thing. Some people want to move on, regardless of their broken situations and think they should be free to influence others. I do not support that. We all need to be healed if we want to be used in healing others. On the other hand, I've also been accused of lacking sensitivity, because I warn people of the enemy's plan to plague us with victim mentalities. At some point, regardless of how bad the situation may be, you need to move on by the power and grace of God. There are times and seasons for everything. Redemption and forgiveness are NOT options but requirements. Healing MUST take place.

I say that to say this: I am a preacher. Yet, I don't blast people with biblical jargon when tragedy happens. At the same time, depression is not allowed in my circle. When the season needs to conclude, I will be there to encourage, and even push for restoration and healing.

If you want to dance over your hurt, and act like it's not there by ignoring the issue... I won't be your dancing partner. And if you want to stay in your hurt while decorating your life for a pity party... I won't be there with a black balloon.

No, I don't lack compassion. And no, I don't lack faith. I believe in balance, as does our Father. That's sound biblical wisdom.


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