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Is Ministry Driving You... or Dragging You?

As I was in casual conversation with a friend, discussing ministry, God clearly spoke and said, “Ministry is supposed to drive you, not drag you!” God is speaking to our motives, once again, for ministry. So many are involved in things we call “ministry,” but really don’t have a heart or desire to please God or win souls. How can we operate in ministry, when we have no general consideration for people? Just look around. Watch how the saints treat the saints. How can we say we love God, whom we never seen, when we treat our brothers and sisters like crap. Many of us brown-nose those who have titles and position, only because we think it will give us favor, or we’ve been erroneously taught that somehow, this will cause God to bless us, despite our own sin. Where is the HEART for ministry? Where is the desire to build the Kingdom of God. Ministry should be the motivator. Pleasing God should be the very thing that drives us into excellence. Instead, many of us are dragging behind ministry. We go with the flow because of what we’ve been told to do. We are more concerned about what men think than what God says about a matter. We just want to be seen. We want to be able to share what we have accomplished, but this is not the motive that pleases God! God is speaking to the Church. Do NOT be a dead weight! Stop dragging behind. Put your hands to the plow and do what God has called you to do. In respect to leadership, we often don’t realize how much we can frustrate a vision when we follow for the wrong reasons. Leaders in the Kingdom of God are not called to babysit others who claim maturity in Christ. If you are indeed driven by the desire to please the Father, you will operate in excellence. You will not be complacent just doing enough to get by. Like David, you will not offer anything to God that hasn’t cost you something. Today, people of God, determine for yourselves. Is ministry driving you or dragging you? Selah.

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