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The Daily Report (A Poem)

I’m ready Lord, To report the things I’ve done for you today I’ve been busy Spreading your word Teaching people your way I laid hands on the sick And saw them healed Caused demons to quickly flee I fed the hungry Clothed the naked And set the captive free I preached a sermon And sang some songs I clapped, I danced, I ran Shared my testimony The good and the bad And how I was born again I served my leaders Carried their things Obeyed each and every request Made sure they had money Good food to eat And received plenty of rest I went to church And shook many hands Making sure that I was seen I hugged on children And adults alike Never seeming too distant or mean But at the end of the day When I’m ready to report All the things I’ve done I realize that While I ministered all day I neglected the very main One I talked to others But didn’t talk to You Prayer I completely forsook I preached and worked But never once Did I stop to read the Good Book I corrected and chastised And pointed out sin But neglected to share the Good News Somehow, O God I felt better about Me By telling others they’d broken the rules So, here I am Lord No longer wanting to brag But needing only to repent Instead of doing Your will I’ve catered to men Neglected that for which I was sent Forgive me now Father And teach me again To always serve you before men This time tomorrow Our conversation will be different… Instead of using You I’ll thank You for using me And I’ll be pleasing in your sight Once again!

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