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Cancel My Invitation

The great thing about an invitation is that it can be DECLINED!

So many times, in the Body of Christ, we react to our situations rather than reshaping them according to our faith and the word of God. It is a fact that life happens to us all. Every believer or unbeliever alike will face challenge, tragedy and disappointment. The expectation of the Body of Christ, however, is to overcome.

Oftentimes, as I'm ministering to people, they seek a reason or explanation for the difficulties present in their lives. "Why me?" is a common question to which the Spirit of God often replies, "Why not you?"

My brothers and sisters in Christ, you are built, fortified, and reinforced to deal with the challenges of life. We know that doing so independently is often a challenge. That's why we have one another - the Body of Christ.

Jesus warned that we would suffer temptation, ridicule and attacks. Therefore, we should not be taken by suprise when they come. Even Yeshua, the Messiah, suffered great pain during his short time here in the earth. Therefore, we can expect the same. As believers, we are not called to live in denial or act as if things are perfect. Conversely, we are not called to faint at every appearance of challenge.

Be reminded - you are called to OVERCOME! One cannot overcome anything without at least two aspects: a journey, or process; and a challenge. Our faith reassures us that whatever we may experience, God will not allow us to deal with anything more than what we can bear. If you're asking yourself the question, "Why me?", consider the reason may be that you're equippred for it. You can overcome it. You can endure. That's your reason.

Go. Fight. Win. That is the cycle of our lives. As such, when the invitation to the pity party comes, we must decline it. In fact, demand that the invitation be canceled altogether, as it won't even be considered or entertained. The Holy Spirit fights for us, so we cannot lose!

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