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How do you measure success?

We, as people, can create all sorts of things that position us for success. For example, we easily succeed at man-made jobs, sports, and hobbies. Every day, we present before our children "role models" through television and the internet - people who have "made it" according to the world's standards. We emphasize school and academics in hopes that they will one day land a "good" job, meaning they will earn a higher than average salary.

While these things are good, we must be mindful of our priorities. Success in the world is not equal to success in the Kingdom of God. Yeshua Messiah did not die for our comfort or popularity, but for our access to eternal life and our empowerment in Kingdom work. In fact, we are NOTHING without Christ, but are made perfect (successful) through Him.

Despite our worldly accomplishments, how successful are we with the things for which God created us (i.e. worship, love, obedience, forgiveness... even marriage)? Are we successful in those areas of purpose? Do we seek out examples, or role models, with these great traits? Perhaps we need to adjust our priorities.

It's easy for men to create an area in which we can succeed, but the true heroes are those who fulfill their God-given purpose and assignment. Our true purpose is in service, not celebrity. It's measured by Kingdom impact; not worldly riches.


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