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On Alert! Prophetic Dreams

For the last few nights, the Lord has given me a number of dreams all dealing with worldly deception coming from within the institutionalized church. Rather than sharing the details of each, I’ll share some of the first two, as these are the ones that resonates the most.

The 1st Dream

I was invited to the prophetic and apostolic ordination of a church leader that I know. I happen not to agree with the doctrine and practices of this woman in leadership, so I was very surprised that I was even invited. I was even more surprised when I was invited to actually facilitate the service, alongside her husband, and lay hands on her. I cordially declined the invitation, but then found myself in the service. I had no idea how I ended up there, and didn’t want to be. I was dressed in lots of vestments, which I never wear, standing on a stage with this lady standing in front of me.

I prayed within myself, telling God that I didn’t understand what was happening. I asked Him to give me the words and vowed to preach the truth since I suddenly had an audience of hundreds. I was given the microphone and began to share the truth of God’s Word. Unfortunately, I was saying one thing, but another was coming out. I was extremely frustrated. I was saying, “repent”, but out of my mouth came “give honor to this great and mighty woman of God.” Inwardly, I was crying out to God. I couldn’t understand what was happening. The people were clapping, shouting and jumping around. I was heartbroken and confused.

At some point, it was time to lay hands on the candidate. I turned to walk away, determined not to participate. Yet, my hands touched her head and pushed her down to the ground, giving the appearance that she’d received some impartation from me and that I’d affirmed this lady as an apostle and prophet.

I woke up.

The warning from this dream, among other things, includes:

  • We must be extremely careful of our connections and our location in this season. The world is misinterpreting and misunderstanding many messages being sent out from the Sent Ones. They are seeing and hearing that which confirms what they desire to do. So, our audiences must be strategic and pointed. We must be careful, as many are “stealing” validation from those who truly walk in relationship with God.

The 2nd Dream

At some point, a government official came to my home and insisted that I come with him. He was very pleasant and explained that with all the world’s troubles, there was an effort to gather all the apostles and prophets to pray and strategize on how our country might be saved. I agreed to go, as he explained the desperation that was being felt and the fact that this country needs God.

When I arrived at what I thought would be some sort of official meeting, I got out of the car that was sent for me and looked at a huge, immaculately decorated building. Immediately, I was nervous. I knew something wasn’t right, though I couldn’t put my finger on what it was. The number of people was astounding. I desperately looked over the crowd and spotted a familiar face – a very dear friend that I often call my Sister Prophet. She and I embraced, and I could tell by the look on her face that she too was growing skeptical. We were given what looked like the typical church conference badge and asked to enter the building.

As we entered the great hall, I remember fearing that we were being tricked, just as the Jewish people were, into entering a gas chamber. We knew we’d entered some sort of spiritual concentration camp set up by the government, but couldn’t articulate why or how. I was relieved when we walked the long hall, decorated with gold, to ultimate find ourselves in a huge auditorium. There was a worship band on stage, and we found some empty seats about 20-30 rows up from center stage.

We tried to participate in worship and we anxiously looked around. We whispered at one another, noticing that something was just strange. We were skeptical as a preacher walked on stage and asked that we all have our seats. He began to preach a message about unity and love. While it was scripturally sound, his message did not agree with my sister or me. We were troubled in our spirit. In the dream, it was obvious that we stayed within this facility, some sort of luxury hotel, for a number of weeks. During that time, it was explained that we’d been drafted for a new reality show – The Biggest Loser, the Spiritual Version. The show, as they explained, was to “soften” the American public to God’s most powerful spiritual people by exhibiting our weaknesses. In this case, everyone chosen was full of authority and power with signs following, but struggled with discipline in the flesh, particularly in regard to food.

Suddenly, I was embarrassed. The world recognized my anointing, but also that I struggle with weight and overeating. I felt completely humiliated. My Sister Prophet grew angry as we briefed on our new diet and exercise programs. I remember thinking that if they could help me control my weight, there would be nothing I couldn’t do for God. I began trying to look for a positive in what was obviously a terrible situation.

After a few weeks on the program, both Sister Prophet and I had lost quite a bit of weight. We were brought into the auditorium for the weekly taping and were told that we had a special surprise coming – our friends and family would join us for the taping. We were exciting to see our friends, family and church families. Then, the announcer changed the tone of his voice. He asked the guests in the audience if they were ready for a surprise. “It’s now time for EXPOSURE”, he said. To my horror, he called out the name of my Sister Prophet as well as my own. He began reading off all the things we’d done in the past and argued that if we couldn’t control our weight, certainly we weren’t delivered from the fornication, lying or any other sin we’d committed in the past. Then, on live television, he began to challenge our family and friends by asking them pointed questions. “Did she or didn’t she?” I grew angry as they questioned my children and my husband.

As we looked on in disbelief, my Sister Prophet and I noticed that event those in the audience were not able to see or speak spiritually once they entered the auditorium. Somehow we knew that when the cameras began rolling, discernment was killed. With the entertainment came death. Ultimately, they began cuffing us and escorting us out on unfounded charges. My Sister Prophet went first. I tried to fight as they pulled her away, but she quieted me. She told me not to worry. She told me we had to go, and possibly die, because they knew we could see, despite their efforts.

I woke up from the dream.

After a few days of praying and meditating over that dream, I’ve received a number of warnings from the Father. In summary,

  • God’s people must be cautious about mixing culture and the prophetic or anything else sacred. Our gifts are for the Church, the Body of Christ. We are not spiritually equipped for worldly gain.

  • Understand that Satan’s Kingdom will NEVER sanction or support the Kingdom of God. In this season, we MUST pick a side. Unity is not the answer to every issue, particularly when such unity would require the joining of the dark with light. Such a union is contrary to the Word of God. It cannot happen.

  • The redeemed of the Lord must be sure in who they are. Are you truly born again? If so, don’t allow the enemy or anyone else to judge your past. Too many are still living in guilt because they have not fully embraced the righteousness of God. Without faith, it’s impossible to please Him. Without faith, it’s impossible to move forward.

  • Not every gathering of prophets, apostles or believers is of God. Many are merely cultural expressions of Satan’s gatherings, disguised as convocations, conclaves, etc. Kingdoms have distinguished borders. Beware of anything that attempts to merge or blur the lines between the world and the Church of Jesus Christ, Messiah. It may look like church, but is it drawing people to Christ or flesh?

Watch and pray! Deception is active.

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